Marble Run Game 3D Wooden Puzzle

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Features & Advantages:
  • High Quality 3D Wooden Puzzle This will be a fun and fulfilling activity.
  • The Beauty of the hard core machinery, you can never miss the ultimate enjoyment.
  • Exquisite structure design
  • Race With Crazy Marbles!
  • Tough Fortress Build it with 294 building pieces and 10 marbles.
Why Not Construct Your Own Magic Engineering This Time?
The kit has all you need for assembly: a set of high-quality plywood boards with precisely cutout parts, detailed step-by-step instructions, and additional details. The quality and accuracy of the parts is very high due to a laser cut method we employ.
This woodcraft construction kits can help you keep away from the electronic devices. You will enjoy building the 3-d puzzles for few hours and have a sense of accomplishment. Comes with cutting technology , no burrs, smooth wooden sheets. Unique model kits for adults to build.
The precise gear design, smooth transmission speed ratio. Each gimmick will create dozens of fun to watch. You can learn the fundamentals of engineering and structures of machines. The building model kit uses use gear trains, cams, ratchets and cranks to make the mini-machines move. Laser-cut wood is durable with smooth surface. Every part fit well together. No tools or glue required.
This puzzle combines mechanical engineering with playful games. It involves special thinking, hand-eye coordination and some imagination. It's more than a pleasant family project, but also a learning toy to improve concentration, creativity, fine motor skills. After completing, the sense of accomplishment is overwhelming.
ROKR marble run kids toys
How to Build  & Fun to Put Together 
They combine the beauty of science and machines, involving so many small gadgets. Build the set and crank the handle, watch marbles run crazy down the slopes and twisting turns.

Step1: Turn the handle and the big gear will bring the iron ball up to the track

Step2.Six steps, rising and falling, carry the iron ball to the top. 

Step3.The triangle will divide the ball into two tracks. One sits on the track down the stairs, One goes along the curved track, Then reach the spiral staircase.

Step4.Finally all the balls converge under the spiral and return to the starting point.
Line up to start a new journey