Wooden Hand Crank Classic Gramophone Puzzle

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Wooden Hand Crank Classic Gramophone Puzzle

Why not play your classics in the most magical and vintage way? Our 3D puzzle Gramophone will allow you to do just that! Show off what you have painstakingly assembled whilst playing music in the most spectacular fashion! A fully functional 3D Puzzle Gramophone which is the first in the world.

Play your own vinyl of the three that come with the puzzle: Memory Of A Dance, The Giant Killers and The Merry Gent.

  • Innovative Design — Pre-cut Laser Boards makes the assembling process easy. Follow the clear and detailed step by step set of instructions to assemble this gramophone without frustration.
  • Family Fun — Enjoy quality time with your family, friends, children and or grandchildren piecing this magnificent puzzle together. Suitable for both adults and kids 8years and over;  it gives you a chance to build something  from scratch for your mantlepiece. 
  • Great Unisex Gifts Choice — For Birthdays, Christmas and all other occasions. 
  • Educational Craft: Promotes STEM and problem solving.Build together as a class project and enjoy the pleasure and sense of accomplishment finishing this project this will bring your students. 
  • Vintage Decor — Definitely the standout piece in your living room.